Blue Moon

725 Queen St. W.


Ambience: If only there were more bars like Blue Moon in this city. The hideaway offers a truly varied vibe with couches for lounging, pool tables and a wide open area in the back filled with old (seemingly ancient) furniture for live performances. DJs spin a diverse range of music nightly while regulars file in for pints and a bit of relaxation. Blue Moon is a bit bohemian, sort of artsy and even a tad sophisticated in a different sort of way. It is, without a doubt, interesting and distinguishes itself from so many other bars in the city, which are often trendy and posh, but completely lack soul.

Crowd: Most patrons are older, but Blue Moon does manage to draw a varied clientele from this semi-trendy Queen East pocket. What’s the best way to describe their attitude? Let’s just say down-to-Earth.


Dress code: Absolutely wide open, but err on the casual side to make sure you fit in with this ultra-laid back crowd.

Should I dance on the bar? You could probably get away with it.

Will I get lucky? You’ve got a chance on the weekend, but weekdays are reserved for regulars who are much more interested in beer than flirting.

Best accessory: Arrive with a pack of friends — the bar has the potential to be a blast with the right crowd.

Cocktail du jour: If Blue Moon’s patrons prefer a mixed bag of drinks from basic rail liquors, to beer, to shooters. The almighty pint is probably the best seller, however. Don’t expect to see anyone ordering bottles of Dom Perignon.

Hours: 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Sunday.

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