Home to high-end boutiques, upscale restaurants and five-star hotels, Yorkville has shed all remnants of its bohemian past and replaced bell-bottom wearing Joni Mitchell Fans with business execs driving Aston Martins.

Boutiques selling luxury goods attract those looking for a brand rather than a bargain, while restaurants serving equal parts good food and good people-watching attract a more diverse crowd.

Large, international designer shops have laid claim to Bloor Street, with Hermes, Holts, Rolex, Coach and others fighting for a spot on shopper’s gold cards, while smaller, independent boutiques have carved out their space within the lanes and alleyways of Yorkville. Shoppers can find a range of clothes, household items, baby’s needs as well as gourmet groceries, fine china and expensive jewelry.

Although several high-end restaurants pepper the neighborhood (One, Sassafraz), options for those who have blown their year’s shopping budget on the latest Louis V bag abound as well. Laid-back favorites for drink and food include Hemingway’s, The Pilot, Flo’s Dinner and the always popular Crepes a Go Go.

With less than a month until Christmas, holiday windows are another reason to take a walk through the swanky neighborhood. Classic white lights wound around wreaths and trees decorate the already picturesque neighborhood, while elaborate displays add colour to the larger department stores along Bloor (be sure to check out Holt’s penguin themed display).