Calgary police admit human error is to blame for a high-risk offender gaining bail a day after he was caught breaching his conditions.

Keegan Troy Spearchief, 24, was granted $200 bail a day after being allegedly involved in peeping tom incident. He is in the high-risk offender program.

Police Superintendent John McReynolds said the police officer at the bail hearing had only glanced through the files and mistakenly didn’t present the violent history of the suspect at the bail hearing Monday night to the justice of the peace.

“This is a mistake of the Calgary police service,” McReynolds told reporters at a late afternoon press conference. “It is very upsetting, that’s all I can say. We made a mistake.”

McReynolds said Spearchief remains in custody until his bail is paid but said police are looking at their options as they plan on charging him with other breaches stemming from information they discovered yesterday.

The police service said they will be reviewing their policies in light of the incident.

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