Trying to get a teenager to stop eating for any amount of time is almost impossible, unless that teenager is a student at M.E. LaZerte High School.

Then it’s just another one of the school’s many fundraisers.

Almost 75 LaZerte students took part in a 30 Hour Famine last week to raise awareness of poverty and malnutrition in communities around the world.

Through the school’s most recent fundraising campaign, students raised almost $6,000, which will be donated to World Vision.

“The students are amazing,” said Shelley Kofluk, the teacher organizer of the famine. “They just raised $25,000 for cancer, and a week later they raise $6,000. It’s definitely where their interests lie and what they’re passionate about.”

The 30 Hour Famine hit home especially hard for Grade 12 student Semobia Gova. Her family comes from a small village in Africa and experienced hunger first hand.

“I wanted to do this because it was so personal to me,” Gova said.

“I was so fortunate that my parents were able to immigrate to Canada. This gave me a chance to understand more about where my parents came from and what they went through.”

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