Some Crescent Height High School students say an initiative requiring them to wear photo identification is “useless.”

The students are required to wear the photo ID on a red lanyard around their neck as a part of a new mandatory school security measure, which is not required by the Calgary Board of Education.

Grade 11 student Attila Harmath said he finds the ID cards more annoying than a guarantor of safety.

“I think it’s useless — it’s hard to remember them and I don’t know why we need them,” he said.

Half a dozen students Metro talked with all had negative feedback, and they say the school is strict about the new measure.

But CBE spokesperson Ted Flitton said the idea isn’t about getting students in trouble, it’s about keeping unwanted guests outside of the school.

“Just like a notebook, pens and pencils, the kids will now have their ID cards. This isn’t a new measure,” he said, referring to similar measures at Forest Lawn, James Fowler and Lester. B. Pearson high schools.

If the students lose their ID card, they can purchase a new one for $5.

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