Auburn Drive High is closed to students Monday as staff takes the day
to look at their policies and practices after 14 students were arrested
Friday after several fights broke out on the grounds of the Cole
Harbour-based school.

Halifax Regional School Board spokesman Doug Hadley said the day off for students was granted Saturday after meeting with school administrators.

"They just don't want to have to go through something like that ever again," Hadley said of the school staff. "They're not expecting something like that to happen again tomorrow or in the days to come, but they just want to take a look at what they're doing and see if they can do to address some of these things and not allow a situation to get out of control."


According to Cpl. Joe Taplin of the RCMP, Friday's melee started when a fight broke out between two female students. Staff separated the students and they were taken to the office.

A few minutes later, the fire alarm was pulled and all of the school's 1,100 students were taken to the soccer field, where other fights broke out.

RCMP responded to the scene first, and later called Halifax Regional Police for backup. While trying to break up the fights, Taplin said two police officers were assaulted. Pepper spray was also used on one student.

Two male and two female students are now facing charges of assaulting a police officer. Another 10 students were arrested for causing a disturbance and breaching the peace.

"From the school's standpoint, they have to review the incident," Hadley said. "They have to look at the security tapes they do have and if they're able to identify which students have acted inappropriately, they have to look at discipline."

Hadley said there wouldn't be an extra police presence Tuesday when school re-opens, but board member staff would be on hand to talk with students and address any possible issues.

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