An exasperated commuter has proposed a one-day boycott of the TTC to protest a fare hike likely to take effect in January.

For Nicole Winchester, a Toronto web developer who takes transit to work, the proposed price increase is “one of those last-straw sort of things.”

On Facebook, Twitter and a blog, she urges riders to convey their unhappiness to city councillors and TTC officials by avoiding the transit system tomorrow.

“I know that the TTC is having funding problems,” said Winchester, 34, “but it doesn’t seem that the ridership should be responsible for footing the shortfall every time more money needs to be put into the system.”

As of last night, 4,600 people had joined the Facebook event page Winchester created.

“The ridership is frustrated, and I really think they’re frustrated to the point that people should take notice,” she said.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said he knows many riders are displeased about the proposed increases. But both riders and TTC officials prefer fare hikes to a “massive cut to service,” he said. Facing a $100-million deficit, he said, the TTC had to pick one or the other.

“I completely understand riders’ frustration when there’s a fare increase. We don’t expect, when we announce a proposed fare in­crease, for TTC passengers to say, ‘Yes, thank you, we want to pay more for transit!’ Obviously, nobody’s going to say that. But the system needs to be funded.”