A Regina man who waited days for help after falling and breaking his pelvis while hiking on a small B.C. island says the harrowing ordeal won’t stop him from hiking again.

Twenty-six-year-old Jordan Nicurity says he spent three days shouting for help after the six-metre plunge in late October on Hornby Island, located between the B.C. mainland and Vancouver Island.

The photographer, who licked rain from brush in a meadow and even ate some bugs, says he believes he only lived because he had a warm sweater with him.

Nicurity says thoughts of his loved ones and not wanting to hurt them helped him survive as he slowly crawled toward help.

He was discovered by a group of hikers three days after the accident and flown to Vancouver General Hospital.

Nicurity, whose story has only just come to light, flies back to Regina tomorrow to begin his 18-month recovery.

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