"Family Guy" has revisited an issue of fascination (at least to fans of this Fox animated comedy). The issue: How does Brian, the Griffin family's dog, get away with dating beautiful human girls?

Granted, Brian is no ordinary pooch. But still, how does the fact that he is intelligent, well-spoken and walks upright qualify him to romance females outside his own species?

On Sunday's episode, he hooked up with none other than Lauren Conrad, who, in what passes for real life on MTV, stars in that network's "The Hills." Transformed into an animated-cartoon version of herself for the "Family Guy" episode and voiced by herself in a convincing guest performance, the sexy reality-show deb had a one-night stand with Brian after they met in a bar.

Brian had been drowning his sorrows at the news that his ex-girlfriend Jillian, a delectable bubblehead he had dated and ditched in the past, was getting married.

Of course, the reason Brian had ended things with Jillian was because she was so dumb.

Now, to his mortification, he had got involved with the famously vacuous Lauren Conrad!

Despite his efforts to keep the fling a secret, gossip mills instantly got churning. He was even zinged by late-night talk-show hosts, as seen in clips from mock-monologues by live-action Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson. (Their wisecracks about Brian? Too racy to repeat here. Sorry.)

In the midst of all this humiliation, imagine Brian's happy surprise when he discovered that Lauren, behind the scenes, wasn't just hot, but also an intellectual whiz of Einsteinian proportions.

She was Brian's dream girl - beautiful AND smart! The only problem: She was so incredibly smart, he felt dumb. At least, that's how he sized up the problem. But Lauren knew better.

"This isn't about me being smarter than you," she told Brian gently. "This is about you still being in love with Jillian."

"How do you know that?" Brian snorted.

"Because I'm smarter than you."

Sadly, Brian couldn't win back Jillian. He lost her to another (her human betrothed).

He lost Lauren, too, but never mind that. The real question remains: How does a dog (even on this crazy cartoon show) succeed in even getting to first base?