A hip-hop icon will take the stage at the Cunard Centre right here in Halifax this Sunday, May 25. Nas is an internationally recognized recording artist from New York. Most agree that Nas is an unbelievably talented rapper. Some fans would argue that with the release of his Illmatic album in 1994, he changed the hip-hop scene forever — and for the better.

Classified and the Halflife Crew, including Chad Hatcher, are just one of the opening acts for the evening, and they say they can’t wait to be a part of such an exciting show.

Classified jokes that he “paid off the promoter” to land the gig. He’s a fan of Nas — Illmatic is still one of his favorite albums.

“When they contacted us about opening up, initially I wasn’t going to do it, because I’ve been hibernating and working on my new album, wanted to just focus on that. But it was Nas. So we wanted to do it,” Classified says.

Chad Hatcher from the Halflife Crew, who is used to taking the main stage himself, says he is excited to be playing congas and singing background for this show because it’s fun to be able to do something a “little bit different and be involved.” Hatcher thinks it will be a cool experience and a great show.

Classified is pretty focused on working in the studio right now on his new album. Not only a talented rapper, Classified is also promoting, and working on the next singles from Chad Hatcher’s new album Tunnels and Pathways, and Mic Boyd’s new album, both of which he produced.

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