The Calgary and Denver zoos have launched independent probes into the death of a female hippopotamus that died last weekend after spending about 30 hours on a transport truck.


Hazina the hippo was being transported to Calgary from Denver for a breeding program but died a day after arriving from circulatory problems brought on by the animal not being able to move for such a long period of time.


Laurie Herron, communications specialist for the Calgary Zoo, said while the facility launched an investigation at the beginning of the week, they have now appointed a special veterinarian, Dr. Jacques Dancosse, to do an independent review.


“We felt asking Dr. Dancosse to conduct an independent review would be beneficial to the investigation. We’re fully prepared to look at any recommendations there may be,” Herron told Metro.

“We want people to know we are not taking this lightly and are looking into the matter. ”

Meanwhile, transport driver Chris Danhauer, owner of Denver-based Planned Migrations, said in a prepared statement he checked regularly on Hazina throughout the trip.