For some reason Hitler, his mom and his haircut have gained an online fan-base this week

The online love began earlier the week, when Reddit stumbled upon a picture of Klara Hitler, the dictator's mother. Numerous online wags took delight in comparing Mrs. Hitler to the film actors Michael Cera and Chris O' Donnell.

That's her with Cera on the right. Do you see the resemblance?

Then yesterday, another Hitler meme appeared! Over on Reddit, intrepid meme-spotter caputero stumbled upon a man he dubbed "Hipster Hitler" at his college. Take a look:


The meme soon blitzkrieged its way across the Internet, taking over Reddit and Tumblr alike.

Alongside these two memes add a recent New York Times article that highlighted the "Hitler Youth" haircut currently in vogue among New York's hipster elite, and this inexplicable Hitler trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. While the act of spreading silly pictures on the Internet seems like it should be relatively harmless, is it offensive to joke about a man responsible for the deaths of millions of people?

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