A photographer has filed a hit-and-run report against Paris Hilton and Benji Madden for allegedly driving over his foot Thursday night.

A loud scream was heard as Madden slowly drove away from the premises of the Foxtail club in West Hollywood. Hilton was in the passenger seat.

“He’s alright, he’s a paparazzi,” someone is heard saying on TMZ.com’s video of the incident, which also shows the alleged victim’s black and white checker Van’s tennis shoe.

The photographer, Glen Gurniak, filed papers Friday with the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, TMZ reports.

“There were too many people on that side of the car so he swung the wheels in my direction on the other side of the car and got my foot trapped under the wheel,” Gurniak told Splash News Online.
“I yelled at him: ‘Dude, you’ve pinched my foot under the wheel, don’t drive, don’t drive,’” Gurniak said.

“He turned and looked at me out of the window and then just drove. I fell to the floor as the car stopped and was just laying on the floor as everyone was screaming at him that he’d run me over.”
“The incident is currently under investigation,” Sheriff spokesman Steve Witmore told usmagazine.com .

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