Film to be released in Germany Jan. 11

Coming soon to German cinemas: A demoralized, drug-addled Adolf Hitler who plays with a toy battleship in the bathtub, dresses his dog in Nazi uniform and takes acting tips from a Jewish concentration camp prisoner.


The movie opening Jan. 11 is treading ground that once would have been off-limits, daring to treat Hitler as comedy. Mein Fuehrer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler follows the Oscar-nominated Downfall, the 2004 German film which broke new ground in portraying Hitler from a German perspective — offering a controversially intimate and lifelike portrait of his last days.


Mein Fuehrer director Dani Levy, a Swiss-born Jew who lives in Berlin, said he has long felt the need to explain for himself how it was possible for Germans to follow Hitler, ultimately dragging the country into war and the Holocaust.