Dozens of alleged drug traffickers are facing charges following the second massive police sting of low-level dial-a-dopers this year.

Arrests in the undercover operation dubbed Project Geld II were made over an eight-day stretch, netting $144,000 worth of crime proceeds, including seven vehicles and 176 grams of cocaine.

“These are your street level dealers, the ones you call on their cellphone and they arrange to meet you,” Acting Insp. Greg Preston said yesterday. “They’re supplying personal amounts.”

Of 33 men and three women charged, 21 were between the ages of 18 and 24.

While the demographic is a concern to police, it’s not surprising, Preston said.

“Typically it’s younger people that are drawn in by the potential of large amounts of money in relatively short order,” he said. “These aren’t children, they’re young adults making very poor decisions.”

The first phase of Project Geld ended in the arrest of 51 dealers in March. There is no direct link to the people in the arrests, but they are loosely connected, police said.

“By and large, all of these people get their drugs from a supplier typically tied to organized crime.”

Preston said the ripple effect of laying charges to a large group of people will set an example.