1) Consider hard drives to be the socks of the tech world. They may groan when they open it, but they’ll thank you when their toes are freezing. Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra hard drive 1TB, $250, www.bestbuy.com


2) Thanks to this motion-control device, we are one step closer to the hellish future depicted in “Minority Report.” Use your body to control every facet of the Xbox 360, from the games to the UI. Microsoft Kinect, $150, www.gamestop.com

3) This phone runs on the just-released Windows Phone 7 platform. WP7 may not be as recognizable as Droid or Apple’s iOS, but it does have a host of unique features. It’s especially handy for gamers, as the OS syncs up with your Xbox Live account. T-Mobile HTC HD7, $200, www.tmobile.com

4) ASTRO makes the world’s best mixing amplifiers for people who like to game while wearing headphones. The new MixAmp 5.8 adds wireless connectivity to the “mix.”(Get it?) It works flawlessly and will keep your roommates off your back during all-night “Call of Duty” sessions. ASTRO MixAmp 5.8, $99, www.astrogaming.com

5) This title is basically Sony’s attempt to use their Move motion controller to mimic the classic “Wii Sports.” Well, it does more than mimic. The action here is addictive and accurate. Sports Champions PS3 Move, $50, www.gamestop.com

5) It’s good to know that there is still something through which the Lloyd Doblers of the world can blast Peter Gabriel. The iP3 speaker dock is the perfect solution for iPhone/iPod owners who actually want their music to, um, sound good. iHome iP3 speaker dock, $200, www.ihomeaudio.com

6) The device that did for reading what the iPod did for listening is back. This new version is thinner, lighter and features so much battery life you’ll be reading novels well into the zombie apocalypse. Amazon Kindle 3G, $139, www.amazon.com

7) This budget priced TV-on-demand unit could single-handily change how you consume entertainment. It grants access to just about every web-video outlet available, including Hulu Plus and Netflix Instant. You can finally catch up on all of those “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” episodes. Roku HD - $59, Bestbuy.com

8) Apple’s “not quite a Netbook” has been causing a stir thanks to it’s amazingly slim design and decent specs. It’s not as feature-heavy as it’s MacBook cousins, but the lower price point makes it a great gift for the student or frequent traveler in your life.
Apple MacBook Air, $999, www. apple.com

9) Apps for the holidays: iPhone/Droid - The price certainly is steep, but hey, it’s a fully-featured GPS navigation unit. MobileNavigator includes live traffic and weather updates, the latest NAVTEQ maps and support for multitasking. Finally, you can play “Angry Birds” while you navigate. Navigon MobileNavigator - $60

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