Re: “Street racing needs to be stopped — Lisi Tesher’s column,” July 4:

Today I reached my wits’ end with all this flak about street racing and fast cars.

I’m tired of people associating fast/modified cars with street racing. The majority of people with fast/modified cars are not the ones you have to worry about because they have put so much time and effort into the hobby.


We like to take our cars to the track or drag strip and run a few laps — not race through the city endangering others.

Street racing is stupid, moronic and pointless. I don’t street race nor do I agree with it in any sense, but I’m tired of being thrown in the stereotypical young, stupid, street racer genre.

To think that cars are going to be confiscated because they are modified infuriates me.

Some people like myself can’t afford to drive an everyday car and a hobbyist car so we combine them. As long as we drive our performance cars responsibly, and save racing for the closed track, I don’t see any reason why it should be taken away.

If anyone is caught street racing, then by all means prosecute them to the fullest and take anything related to street racing away from them.

But don’t label any young person as a street racer and threaten to take their car away for nothing more than modifying it as a hobby. We are harassed enough by police on a daily basis for no reason — I am pulled over at least once a week for nothing more then a check. (Keep in mind I am talking about legal modifications; not having a nitrous bottle hooked up and driving around Toronto.)

I appreciate your articles, Lisi, and it really disappointed me to see your viewpoint wasn’t wider on this topic.

I have some really good ideas for combating street racing and would love to share some with you, if interested.