A 33-year-old Calgary hockey coach is facing charges after allegations a 15-year-old female player was sexually assaulted, according to police.

The alleged incidents stem from a three-day period starting Nov. 10. On Nov. 12, the teen’s parents alerted police, who say the alleged assaults occurred in Calgary and away from the rink.

“The relationship took them outside of the bounds of what would occur typically between a player and a coach in a hockey rink or on the ice,” Det. Jeff Klinger said. “And it’s the relationship outside that deteriorated to the point where sexual charges were laid.”

While it’s not clear whether the alleged incidents were consensual, Klinger said the major concern was the age difference and the fact the coach was in a position of authority over the minor.

Klinger said the coach has shown a “pattern of behaviour” in the past but didn’t elaborate, and added that at this point, police don’t believe there are other alleged victims.

Hockey Calgary president Perry Cavanaugh said the coach stepped down from his duties after the investigation began. Cavanaugh said the man had only been coaching for weeks after taking a hiatus a few years ago.

Cavanagh deflected criticism that background checks are not mandatory and said he couldn’t confirm if the coach had received one when he took on the position.

“It is a recommendation that certainly background checks are completed ... We leave that to the respective associations,” he added.

Val Hokanson, a Calgary hockey mom of three, said she isn’t worried about her kids in light of the charges.

“I think it was an isolated incident. I am just careful and very involved in my children’s hockey to begin with,” she said.

Michael Shawn Bourgeois is charged with sexual interference with a child under 16, sexual counselling of a child under 16, sexual counselling of a youth by a person in authority and sexual assault. He will appear in court again in January.