Her advice: Know budget, icing, number of guests



With 35 weddings already booked for this year plus a budding relationship with Holt Renfrew to her credit, I do! Wedding Cakes founder, designer and pastry chef Olivia Nguyen has taken her 10-month-old company and made it into a household name.


Launched right after creating her own wedding cake last year, I do! Wedding Cakes specializes in unique, personalized items based exclusively on the couples requests. “No two cakes are exactly the same,” Nguyen says.


Every client receives Nguyen’s star treatment, beginning with a two-hour consultation covering the wedding colours and themes, venue and seasonal considerations, budget and her favourite part, the mini-taste tests. “Couples want their wedding cake to reflect their personality. Regardless of your budget, your wedding cake should be just as memorable as you are,” Nguyen says.

During the consultation, Nguyen provides couples with an Icing 101 crash course. “It’s good to know which icing type to use during which season. Since a wedding cake can often be on display for roughly half a day, it’s crucial that your ingredients stand the test of time.” According to Nguyen, fondant icing is best for weddings year round as it is most stable, will not lose it’s shape and is great for doing decorations. “I call it my magic play dough,” she says. Butter cream or ganach, while very luxurious, do not do as well in warmer temperatures and are more ideal for shorter events. Another helpful hint Nguyen shares is to purchase a cake that can serve 75 per cent of your guests, as many opt for the dessert table.

A cake for 100 guests will take Nguyen approximately one week to create.

For more information, visit www.idoweddingcakes.ca.