Don’t put your garbage out on the curb just yet. And don’t even think about shipping the kids back to daycare this week.

Despite tentative agreements forged yesterday between the city and its striking workers, most municipal services are unlikely to resume until the weekend at the earliest.

Members of CUPE Local 416 and Local 79 will vote on their agreements tomorrow. Should they vote to ratify, city council will hold its own ratification vote Friday.

“It will take several days in many operations and program areas before the city can offer full service to residents and businesses,” city officials said in a news release. “For example, swimming pools must be cleaned and refilled, child-care centres must be reopened, cleaned and stocked with food, parks need maintenance and grass cutting, licence renewals and inspection applications must be processed, and many other matters must be addressed.”

City manager Joe Pennachetti said the city will provide “pages” of detailed service resumption plans to the media and on the city’s website once the agreements are ratified.