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Michael Kors


To avoid the guesswork in holiday shopping, the Associated Press enlisted designer Michael Kors, style guru of Project Runway, to create the ultimate list of must-have fashion accessories for women. Here are his picks:

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Aviator sunglasses


"They automatically turn you into a jet-setter. They’re the kind of thing that have no age or gender," says Kors, adding, "I think there’s an aviator version for everyone. I haven’t seen anyone who can’t find the right pair."

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An L.L. Bean boat tote


"A great tote does everything the trunk of your car does. Women find that the most perfect tote bag is something to invest in," Kors says. They can be fancy or funny, but always completely functional. The L.L. Bean boat tote is something everyone needs, at least one if not two or three."

A soft, easy shoulder bag is another essential. It helps a woman channel her inner bohemian princess, he says, adding: "If you wear conservative clothes with a soft suede shoulder bag, it instantly relaxes you and gives you an easier attitude."

But there are ladylike fashion moments, too, and for those you need a handheld, double-handle satchel.

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Shearling boots


Every woman should wear heels, he adds. You need two pairs of bare, strappy sandals — one in black, the other a metallic — and several pairs of sexy pumps and slingbacks, in black, brown and a glossy version in patent leather, crocodile or snakeskin. "Whether it’s round toe or pointy, that’s up to you and your feet."

If you were going to keep your boot selection to just one, Kors says go with a high-heel, fitted-shaft brown suede boot. They go with almost everything, add interest to outfits and are flattering because of the matteness on the leg.

Rugged winter boots have become as much as a style statement as a weather weapon, Kors says, and his preference is for shearling with wedge heels. "We sell slews of them in cities where there is no winter weather."