You’re in the midst of holiday shopping season and you’re almost done. But the few you have left you’ve been dreading – gifts for your parents. They haven’t been very helpful either — all they’ve told you they want is grandchildren.

So, in lieu of grandkids, here are some great gift ideas for mom and dad to get you started.

Good for mom and dad

• A gift certificate to their favourite restaurant.
• A GPS device. Go for a model that is simple and easy to operate.

Good for dad

• A multi-tool. Dads like their gadgets; moms like gadgets that don’t fill up two rooms in a house. Everyone wins.
• Game tickets to your dad’s sports team of choice.
• A sampling pack
from a local brewery. If you’re the favourite son or daughter, you might complement this with a pack of steaks.

Good for mom

• A nice perfume. Even if she doesn’t use it often, a nice luxury gift will make her feel special.
• A gift certificate to a day spa. She’ll feel pampered, and she’ll get away from having to hear about your dad’s new multi-tool.
• A digital picture frame. Preload this with family photos, including some embarrassing child photos that she loves. Your feelings on the photos are irrelevant.