Holidays are perfect time for DIY table setting

<p>What better way to whet your appetite than to feast your eyes on a wonderfully dressed table, especially during the holidays?</p>




Create your own holiday setting to enhance dining experience.


What better way to whet your appetite than to feast your eyes on a wonderfully dressed table, especially during the holidays?

Use what you have in your home or add something new and trendy. With a little imagination you can create your own masterpiece.

Table settings need not be formal or traditional — think outside of the placemat. Laurie Lamb, president of Inter-art Interiors in Barrie says runners are a popular alternative this season. She spreads them across the width of the table, using two or three to accommodate four or six guests. Two runners criss-crossed on a round or square table make a tidy setting for four.

Set the table, set the mood

Earth tones, a hurricane lamp and birch-bark candles create a warm and welcoming ambience on a winter evening. Dish up a hearty casserole and a loaf of crusty bread for a casual and comfortable get together.

A bright, sparkling glass with gleaming silver and black accents says “city chic,” from the crudites to the mochaccino mousse —sleek and sophisticated.

Funky spiral trees and whimsical stemware add to the fun of a fondue. Colour-code each place setting and add a big bowl of luscious fresh fruits along with chocolate scented candles that smell like the real thing. What could be better than dessert for dinner?

But don’t stop at the dinner table. Laurie suggests trays as must-have items for entertaining. Indulge your houseguests with a pretty breakfast tray. Tie a little fleecy muffler around a freshly boiled egg and start the morning with a smile.

Trays can multi-task. Candlesticks and shiny ornaments gathered together on a tray make a quick and easy centrepiece. The tray contains the grouping and gives presence to the assortment of items, while leaving the rest of the table uncluttered.

For an impromptu mini-bar, assemble cocktail glasses, spirits, a small ice bucket and a dish of olives on a framed mirror used as a tray.

Individual trays used as place settings on the table are an unusual and fun way to entertain.

Choose what you like, from fine crystal to the kids’ macaroni trees to dress your table in your own personal style. Turn the most modest meal into a dining experience and don’t be too modest to say, “I did it myself.”

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