The Vancouver Park Board last night voted to take down a historical hollowed redwood tree in Stanley Park and a controversial sculpture of an upside down church.
The hollow tree in Stanley Park is estimated to be around 1,000 years old, and has been dead for around 100 years.
Since the tree is in danger of falling, the public’s safety was cited as its main concern when the board voted to cut the tree in half and set up a memorial.
“It’s a very special tree. The history is immense. But we are dealing with a tree that is dead,” said parks commissioner Ian Robertson.
The board also voted to take down a sculpture called Device To Root Out Evil, which was receiving “negative public response,” according to the board.
The upside down church had some local residents complaining it blocks their waterfront view, while others said it’s offensive to their religion.
The board said although the sculpture will be uprooted, it is going to work with the Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale to find it a new place in the city.