The suspense is killing them.

The Mooney family vs. the McCarty family — who is going to take “home” the home they built, mortgage free?

Even host Elissa Landsell was kept in the dark who would win the My Rona Home challenge finale taped in Calgary yesterday afternoon after months of the two families going head-to-head in building their dream home.

“It is beyond exciting. Everybody is asking me if I know and of course I don’t — I couldn’t be trusted with that kind of secret,” Landsell joked before the taping.

While the finale won’t be aired until Dec. 6 on Citytv, both families were kept in the dark on who won the show until the very end — and it was all up to the viewers.

Yellow team Nicola, 32, and James Mooney, 34, said if they won they would enjoy a nice Christmas dinner with their two children in their new home.

“It’s anybody’s game still and out of our control so we’re just waiting and waiting,” Nicole said.

For the blue team, Krystle Cottrell, 24, and Vernon McCarty, 25, said they would take things easy if they won and decide what to do next.

“Just the chance to be in a house that could potentially be ours has been the most exciting experience,” Vernon said.