Home Girl: The Single Woman’s Guide To Buying Real Estate In Canada

Author: Brenda Bouw

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Canada, Ltd.

Price: $26.99

**** (out of 5)


The message of Home Girl is clear — don’t waste your time waiting for Prince Charming to come around before buying property. Do it by yourself!


Now, for those of us who are traditionalists because they still like to believe that buying property is something to do à deux, the message is received with a big gulp at first.

But the further you get into the book, the more confident you will feel, and the more plausible the idea of one day being the sole owner of a property will become.

For starters, the anecdotes about other Canadian women owners who once had the same doubts, fears and ideas about owning as you, will put you at ease.

And author Brenda Bouw provides a clear explanation for everything from finding the best real estate agent, the pros and cons of home buying as opposed to condo buying, the importance of a pre­approved mortgage, to the importance of paying attention to smells before buying a condo or a house.

Finally, the most precious piece of information in this book is the Income, Home Price, And Down Payment Guide. The guide tells you approximately what you can afford to buy with the income you are making.

The downside is that no matter how much Bouw attempts to make everything clear, some information still seems like gibberish to this reviewer, an early-twenties university student with no regular source of income, and whose only experience living away from her parents’ home is limited to a summer of renting a room in a house.