Forensic investigators are examining a car stolen from the scene of a deadly home invasion in Brampton on Thursday for evidence of the killers.

Three young black men, considered armed and dangerous, remain at large, wanted in the slaying of George Kalogerakis, 38, at a home on Earth Star Trail.

Peel homicide Insp. Norm English said he was killed as part of a targeted home invasion.

“This home was targeted for a specific reason,” he said. “This wasn’t a random act. … This was a home invasion robbery that went very, very wrong.”

A police source said Kalogerakis was tied up in the basement and shot and stabbed.

A frantic 911 call from inside the home alerted police. English refused to confirm a report the victim’s 62-year-old mother was at home at the time.

The 2005 black Nissan Altima that was taken from the Kalogerakis residence was located Thursday after­noon near Jane Street and Finch Avenue West in Toronto, English said.
“It was located because of a tip,” he said.

Forensic investigators are hoping to lift fingerprints and possibly DNA from the vehicle.
This was Peel’s 18th homicide of the year.

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