Bob Lance has found his home at last — Toronto.

Months in limbo ended when he was spotted disoriented on a Montana highway.

Nobody can say how he made his way from Seattle to Billings. Not even Lance.

When police found him on Interstate 90 in May, the 80-year-old retired labourer could say hardly anything at all.

“He could say his first name but not consistently,” said Jonalyn Brown, a Montana speech expert.
But Brown helped Lance figure out who he was.

And Brown watched Monday as Lance was reunited with family members who hadn’t heard from him in 20 years.

“Hiya, sweet cheeks, how are you?” said his younger sister, Pat Lance, at the Billings airport.

Lance suffers from global aphasia, a condition that scrambles the part of the brain that processes language.

As Brown worked with Lance to restore his speech, she found out he was from Toronto.

Lance was born in Michigan but was raised in Canada. He left for the U.S. at age 40 because he wanted adventure.

He worked as a labourer until he fell in love with a woman in Seattle and settled down — until she died.
Now Lance will live with Pat and Doris in Toronto.

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