Now that Calgary has finally shaken off that final blanket of snow it’s time to get ready for Bellini’s, bikinis and bar-becues.

But with summer heating up, it is time to think about more than getting your body into good shape, but also getting your home into good shape.

“It is not all about your home looking good but functioning well also,” says John Norton, co-owner of Norton Handyman Services.

Taking care of some of these repairs or simple maintenance early can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

With the amount of rain Calgary has been seeing lately, it is important to make sure gutters are clean and running smoothly.

Some of these repairs should be left to the professionals unless you are looking for an expensive white and red taxi to the hospital.

“Anyone can paint a room and if you do a bad job, it just looks bad, but it is not hurting anyone,” says Norton.

According to Norton, amateurs should avoid attempting to repair any electrical or major structural damage.

“Don’t forget about some of the small nooks and crannies in your home,” says Jeff Simpson, a carpenter for Westcor Construction.

When checking for repairs in the home, Simpson reminds homeowners to check all the seals around doors and windows.

“It is amazing how much heat is lost around doors and windows because homeowners neglect to check the seals,” says Simpson.

Save yourself a little money by ensuring that you are not heating or cooling the outdoors as well.

For an eco-friendly seasonal tip to fixing up your home, Simpson recommends skipping out on harmful pesticides on your lawn and garden and opting for a more natural fertilizer.

So before sitting down to enjoy a good burger and cold beer in the backyard, consider making a few quick summer repairs to make the season a more enjoyable one.