Having a place to call home is the first step to solving the problem of homelessness.

This idea is the premise behind HomeFest, an annual musical and arts event aimed at creating awareness about the issues of housing and homelessness in Edmonton.

Christina, who wished for her last name not to be used, found her new home through HomeFest and explained why it was important to find a safe place to live.

“If you’re just all over the place and staying here and there, your goals are misguided because you have nowhere to feel comfortable and nowhere to feel safe,” she said.

Although much progress for homelessness has been made in the last eight years through HomeFest, Keith Harding, chair of Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness, said the importance of the issue has to be addressed to the different levels of government so something significant can be done.

“We don’t need any more studies, what we need is action,” he said.

“A large amount of funding comes from donations from people, but ultimately it should come from the government.”