Police suspect more than one person in random, brutal attack

A vicious and seemingly unprovoked attack has left a homeless man in hospital in a medically induced coma.

The 46-year-old man was encamped in a thicket of bushes at 14 Street and 9 Avenue SW near the Greyhound Bus Depot around 3 a.m. when he was attacked while asleep, according to police.


Det. Len Dafoe doesn’t believe robbery was the motive for the assault and thinks it was a random and brutal attack.

"He was severely beaten with injuries you or me wouldn’t want. He has been put into a medically induced coma because he was in quite severe condition," Dafoe told Metro.

Dafoe believes the man, who just arrived in Calgary from Ontario, was attacked by more than one person.

"We don’t know for sure how many but judging by the extent and the type of the injuries it would tell me it was more than one person who did that," he said.

The man was able to stumble into the Greyhound Bus Terminal for help when security personnel there helped him and called police.

A security employee at the depot told Metro that a co-worker called police and EMS when the man arrived asking for help.

"It happened about 300 metres away from here, where our security cameras don’t cover that area. But he came looking for help and we called police, who showed up right away," the man said, withholding his name.

Linda McLean, Calgary Drop-In Centre director of programs, told Metro that because of the milder weather, more homeless people are looking to "rough it" out on the streets.

"We have a number of clientele who, for various reasons, choose not to use the services offered to them and rough it, which can be dangerous," McLean said.

McLean said homeless people are too often the victims of unprovoked and senseless acts of violence because they are seen as easy targets, defenceless against such attacks.

"It’s tragic that they become the victims of verbal assaults and tirades to robberies and assaults for what seems like tormenting, or a sport."



  • The beaten man’s injuries required immediate surgery to repair, police said.

  • The victim has not been able to provide an account of the events because of his condition.

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