A disabled homeless man found murdered in an East Vancouver playground might still be alive if there were enough shelters nearby, say some politicians who live in the neighbourhood.

MP Don Davies, MLA Adrian Dix and city Coun. Kerry Jang were at Kingsway and Joyce Street yesterday near the school where Michael Nestoruk was found dead last week.

“I couldn’t help but think all last night as I lay in bed, would (Nestoruk) be alive if we had a shelter or interim housing in this neighbourhood?” asked Jang.

“Crime and weather don’t wait for the next budget cycle. Just because the weather turns nice doesn’t mean we don’t have to build housing. Living outside is not safe.”

Dix said that staff at Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School — where Nestoruk was killed — have to come in early every morning to ask the homeless people who live in the schoolyard to leave.

“This isn’t acceptable in our society,” Dix said.

Davies said fighting crime, safety and homelessness require a “co-ordinated and comprehensive approach” by all three levels of government.

“I’m calling on Prime Minister (Stephen) Harper to put money into this neighbourhood, into this community to develop housing,” he said.

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