Homicide detectives are leading the investigation into the Edmonton blast that claimed four lives and crippled dozens of homes Sunday.

Deputy police chief Darryl da Costa said it’s still unclear why the explosion happened and the deaths are being treated as suspicious.

“I’m told by investigators that there’s no indication at this point that the blast was caused by an explosive device or a drug lab,” da Costa said.

He said it may take days or weeks to pinpoint the cause and residents who were displaced will be allowed back into their homes as soon as they’re deemed safe.

At least two of the four victims of the north side house explosion on Father’s Day had children of their own, according to a long-time friend.

The man who would only give his first name, Greg, said he grew up with the two men and was planning a barbecue with them for later that afternoon.

“I’m feeling disbelief. I’m still waiting for them to call and they won’t.”

“These events are horrific events as we all know and it’s horrific to see, not just the physical damage but the emotional damage that so many people in this part of the city (are experiencing),” said Edmonton mayor, Stephen Mandel.

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