Already experiencing one miracle, a local mother is hoping for another medical breakthrough to help her daughter see again.

Natasha McDougald is the mother of five-year-old Rosie, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Usher Syndrome, that causes deafness, blindness and loss of balance.

“She already received a miracle once when she got cochlear implants, which have made it possible for her to hear birds chirp, water run and people talk,” McDougald told Metro.


“It’s a miracle and we have hope that we can help her see again, too,” she added.

McDougald is the event chair for the Calgary debut of Comic Vision, an annual fundraiser held across Canada raising money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB).

McDougald’s hope is that with enough funding and awareness there will be further medical breakthroughs for people suffering from vision loss — like her daughter.

“Ten or 15-years ago no one ever thought we could help the blind see again. But now it’s very possible with the advancements we’ve made.”

Tickets for the comedy show May 7 at The Laugh Shop are $100 and go towards the FFB.
For more information please visit www.comic

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