Commission holding emergency meeting today to slash $30M



Tory Zimmerman/Torstar News Service


These commuters may be out of luck if a proposed plan for the TTC to save $30 million includes closing the Sheppard subway line. The drastic measure would come in response to Mayor David Miller’s call for $100 million in cuts across the city.


Mothballing the Sheppard subway line. Eliminating more than 20 bus routes. Hiking fares up to 25 cents. Those drastic measures will all be on the table today when the TTC holds an emergency meeting to decide how to save $30 million in response to Mayor David Miller’s call for $100 million in cuts across the city budget.

And the pain isn’t likely to end there.

The $100 million reduction in overall city spending will affect every department. Miller says it’s necessary because council deferred two new taxes that would have raised $356 million.

But the scope of the cuts TTC chair and Miller ally Adam Giambrone projected yesterday raised accusations of political grandstanding among opponents and some moderates on city council.

“If he’s trying to say, ‘If we had this land transfer tax, this wouldn’t be taking place,’ he appears to be pointing the gun at council,” said Councillor Brian Ashton, a member of Miller’s executive committee, who surprised the mayor’s supporters by voting to defer the tax decision. “I think that’s a mistake in messaging because he’s fighting with his own council.”

Giambrone said difficult cuts are inevitable.

“This is a horrible day for transit. Everybody will be affected. The reason we’re doing it this way is because it will have the least effect on people,” he said.