At issue are holes, straps on shoes

Colourful, holey Croc footwear — fashion eyesores for some, comfortable saviours for others — but are they appropriate footwear for hospital employees?

Many nurses and doctors swear by the hugely popular shoes that were originally intended to be boating or outdoor footwear because of their non-marking, slip-resistant soles.

But whether or not hospital staff should wear them is a hot topic inside the province’s hospitals.


And the Ontario Hospital Association even sent a memo on the matter to members of the OHA Safety Group, a voluntary group of approximately 100 hospitals.

At issue are the holes in the top of the shoes and the strap on the back. Blood or bodily fluids can seep into the shoe holes, causing an infection control risk. Sharp objects could go through one of the holes.

If the straps of the shoes aren’t worn properly, health staff transporting patients can inadvertently slip out of the shoes.

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