There’s a huge amount of diversity in Toronto these days, and it’s present in more than the city’s vibrant and growing population. In sales offices across Toronto, you will find a diverse selection of condominium buildings and suites that appeal to the broad spectrum of purchasers. This grand assortment of spectacular choices is one of the many factors that make our city the hottest condominium market in North America.


People of all ages and walks of life are choosing condominium living, including first-time buyers who find condos in Toronto an affordable way to enter the new home marketplace, young professionals who want to live close to where they work, single women who appreciate the security in these buildings, mature buyers who want a pied-à-terre to use when they’re here on business or for a leisure stay, and empty-nesters looking for a carefree lifestyle free of maintenance worries.


In today’s Toronto condominium market, you can choose from 400 sq. ft. minimalist studios, to fabulous penthouses that are thousands of square feet in size and offer the ultimate in luxuries and panoramic views. Brand new single-detached homes in Toronto are rare these days, and are out of the financial reach of most first-time buyers. Low interest rates have enabled many people to purchase condominiums who might not otherwise be able to afford a new home. Even those who choose compact suites enjoy innovative layouts that make the most of every square foot.


Choices include one- and two-storey loft designs; layouts with a linear kitchen or sliding doors on bedrooms and the den that can open up the living/dining space; wide shallow plans that provide large windows across the main living area; and any number of other innovative features that satisfy the many different lifestyles of purchasers.


People who choose a waterfront condominium have the added advantage of a year-round recreational lifestyle. Many who live in condos on Lake Ontario feel they don’t need a cottage because of their proximity to the water, and the stunning lake views that are part of their everyday lives.

Those who are used to an elite lifestyle also find irresistible choices in Toronto, and multi-million-dollar suites are selling like they never have before. These discriminating purchasers know that in order to live a prestigious lifestyle, they no longer have to select an estate home and all the work that comes along with caring for a freehold property. Whole buildings now beckon with sumptuous appointments and architectural highlights like private elevators, libraries and staff quarters. The sky really is the limit.

Whatever a person’s lifestyle expectancies, there is a condominium somewhere in Toronto that will accommodate. This kind of diversity has made this city the biggest most exciting condominium market on the continent.

Pat Baker is founder and CEO of Toronto-based Baker Real Estate Corporation, one of North America’s most respected and successful condominium sales firms, with associates in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.