Autumn is always the most varied movie season of the year.

From heart-tugging chick flicks like Jennifer Aniston’s Love Happens (Sept. 18) to a Bruce Willis-led thriller called Surrogates (Sept. 25) and even festival films like Toronto’s biopic opener Creation (Sept. 25), the fall provides something for just about anyone.

For that reason, multiplexes provide a great relief for those who need a break from days getting shorter, the imminent prospect of having to rake a lawn covered in leaves or filmgoers who simply crave a cinematic escape. Here’s Metro’s look at some promising movies you may want to watch out for this fall:

Jennifer’s Body (Sept. 18): Juno-scribe Diablo Cody penned this horror movie about a demonic, cannibalistic cheerleader (Megan Fox) who eats her way through school — and I’m not talking the cafeteria’s meatloaf either.

Fame (Sept. 25): A re-invention of the 1980 Oscar-winning film that centred on a group of young struggling dancers, this movie will “learn how to fly high” at the box-office.

Zombieland (Oct. 2): We need another zombie movie like the walking dead need massage therapy but this comedy about a rag-tag group of zombie-hunters should add a little levity to the genre.

Couples Retreat (Oct. 9): Vince Vaughn leads this laugher about four couples engaged in group therapy at a resort. Now who doesn’t like to giggle at dysfunctional marriages when they’re not your own?

Whip It (Oct. 9): Drew Barrymore makes her directorial-debut with this comedy about a Texas teen (Ellen Page) that turns to the rugged world of roller derby.

The Road (Oct. 16): This bleak, post-apocalyptic drama starring Viggo Mortensen should perk the interest of the throngs who’ve read Cormac McCarthy’s popular Pulitzer Prize-winning book.

Amelia (Oct. 23): Shot in Winnipeg and Halifax, Hilary Swank stars as 1930’s aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart whose mysterious disappearance is still unsolved. Oops, I may have just spoiled the ending.

This Is It (Oct. 23): The now infamous film patchworks the last days of pop star Michael Jackson and his rehearsals for the 50-date concert that was not to be.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol (Nov. 6): Robert Zemeckis utilizes groundbreaking 3-D animation to re-imagine the Charles Dickens classic that annually announces the beginning of winter and sadly, the end of autumn.

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