I (Glen) met my wife Kelly online. We didn’t meet on a dating site per se, but rather on hotornot.com. (For those not familiar with the site, anyone can upload a photo of him/herself for others to view and rate on a scale of one to 10. If you’re looking to meet someone, there’s also a section where you can post a brief personal profile and ‘like’ profiles of others whom you are interested in.)


Kelly ‘liked’ my profile and photo, and the rest, as they say, is history. We chatted online and on the phone for about six weeks before we met in person. Kelly has a daughter, Kassidy, so she was very cautious; she wanted to be sure I wasn't a creep! In those conversations, we discovered that we had a lot in common and even started to finish each other’s sentences! Kelly actually canceled our first date out of nervousness; she thought things were too good to be true and that one of us would be disappointed. Fortunately, I managed to talk her into it, and when we finally did meet, it was incredible!


We were married in October 2009 and, last September, we welcomed a handsome baby boy, Lexan!


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