Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg reacted anything but neutrally the first time he read the script for his upcoming movie Hot Rod.


“Oh my God, this is insane and hilarious,” Samberg told Mad Dog and Billie on 99.9 MIX FM after having read the script.


“The movie is about this guy named Rod Kimble, who wants to be like an Evel Knievel stuntman, but he’s terrible at stunts, and he has a very tumultuous relationship with his step-father Frank (played by Ian McShane of Deadwood), who’s a bad ass, and they’re constantly fighting,” Samberg said about the film in which he plays Rod. “When Frank gets sick, Rod has to stage a huge jump to raise the money to save Frank’s life to kick his ass.”


Hot Rod opens in movie theatres Aug. 3.


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