It really is easy to help make a difference for the environment by simply adjusting what you already do everyday. Looking at the main rooms in your home that consume energy, produce waste and use water is the best place to start.

Here are some tips to help you along the way:

>> A little less hot water can help do a lot of good. Doing your laundry with detergents efficient in cold water helps you save energy by using less hot water. If all Canadians washed in cold water for a year, we’d save enough energy to light up to 2.5 million homes for an entire year.

>> A short cycle could help in the long run.

The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance recommends doing your laundry on a “quick” cycle, which cleans your clothes with the same results, just by using less energy and water. Similarly, dishwashers can run on a shorter cycle, some with even an “economy” drying setting.

Overall, less energy used in the home makes a difference for the environment and the cheque book.

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