Goodbye hotdogs, hello samosas and salads and smoothies.


After years of nothing but wieners and sausages from Toronto’s sidewalk carts, the provincial government recently announced a relaxation of the laws governing street food grabbed on the go.


While street vendors were previously limited to selling “pre-cooked meat products,” the changes slated to take place in August will pave the way for expanded menus.


City councillor John Filion, a big proponent of the move, recently held a party at Nathan Phillips Square to give us a taste of what could soon be available from vendor carts — if Toronto’s top chefs decided en masse to apply their talents to street food, that is.


Filion’s “treats” included a $2 florentine tripe stew and a $6 strawberry and sour cream brown sugar crepe. Other, more predictable, fare included chicken souvlaki for $5 and fried spring rolls for $4.

Up to vendors

  • More liberal rules don’t automatically mean the street offerings are going to change. Ultimately, it’s up to vendors to decide if they want to downplay the tried and true hotdog in favour of new items that might not sell.