Toronto hotels are duping guests into believing they are being eco-friendly by promoting what amounts to fake green programs — and it’s costing housekeeping attendants their jobs, upset workers charged yesterday.

Room attendants from the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, the Delta Chelsea and Delta East hotels are decrying the programs, in which guests are offered a $5 to $10 voucher for food or beverages if they decline housekeeping.

The Make a Green Choice program at the Sheraton and the Green Stay model at Delta are initiatives aimed at conserving energy, but workers say it’s having the opposite effect.

“It’s fake green because the guests put their TV on. They leave the lights on. We’re not saving the electricity,” said Brigida Ruiz, a room attendant at the Sheraton for 18 years. “When we go in after three days of not being cleaned we have to use a lot of cleaning liquid and water, so that is not green at all.”

While Ruiz has seniority, she said other staff have watched their shifts vanish as more than 80 guests have participated by hanging the green notices outside their door each night.

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