President Trump has vowed to fight a legal challenge that lifts his travel ban on refugees from seven majority Muslim nations to the U.S. But a new crowdsourcing campaign aims to show him how "wrongheaded" his executive order is, and to bring that idea right to his front door.

The newly launched Indiegogocampaign is fundraising to house a Muslim refugee couple or young family in Trump Tower.

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"Let's show President Trump, and the folks that elected him, that Muslim refugees deserve the right to live in America as much as anyone else. And let's do it by using his own gold festooned tower against him," the campaign page states.


The campaign's goal is to raise $60,000. As of early Monday evening, $321 had been raised with 24 days left. Sixty thousand equals one year's rent, with rent at Trump Tower starting at $4,950/month, according to the campaign.

The currentrental available at that price is a one bedroom, two bathroom unit with 1,127 square feet, according to StreetEasy.

In the event a unit in Trump Tower near the base price cannont be secured, then the campaign will move onto other Trump properties that bear his name. If it falls short of the fundraising goal, or overshoots it, the funds raised will be "disbursed to charities and nonprofits that work to assist Muslim migrants in America."

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