BANGKOK, Thailand - Myanmar's opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, is reportedly sharing many of the hardships of her countrymen as a result of last weekend's cyclone.

A neighbour says the dilapidated lakeside bungalow where Suu Kyi lives had part of its roof blown off in the storm.

The neighbour also says electricity to the home was knocked out and he sees candles being lit at the house at night.

It was not clear if Suu Kyi was injured or whether she has enough food and water.

Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has lived under house arrest for about 12 of the last 18 years.

She has been lauded around the world for leading a movement to restore democracy in Myanmar, which has been ruled by the military since 1962.

The neighbour said a tree in the compound of her house was uprooted while part of the roof was ripped off.

"She has no generator in her house," said the neighbour, who spoke on condition of anonymity after being contacted by telephone from Bangkok. "I felt pity for her. It seems no one cares for her."

Soldiers posted around house have not yet cleared the trees that were toppled in the area during the cyclone.

"This area is of less priority, so they seemed to have ignored us for the time being," he said.

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