Just more than half of all Vancouver households near public transit regularly used the bus or SkyTrain in 2007, according to a Statistics Canada study released yesterday.

Of the British Columbians who opt not to use transit, 77 per cent said it was because they have a car, 29 per cent because the service is too infrequent and 21 per cent because it is too slow.

According to the study, nationally, households that neither owned nor leased a vehicle were almost twice as likely to use public transit regularly.

When households with a vehicle did use public transit, they were three times as likely as those without to use transit regularly only for travel to work.

Households with teenagers were more likely to use public transit. These households were also more likely than adult-only households (aged 25 to 64) to use transit regularly for non-work travel only.

Household income had a less direct relationship with public transit usage. In general, households in the lowest income category were more likely to use public transit.