Re: "MPPs not home for Christmas — NDP House Leader called The Grinch (Dec. 18):


I agree with MPP (and NDP House Leader) Peter Kormos.


With all the homeless people still on our streets, this is an unconscionable raise that the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are giving themselves.


I am not opposed to the MPPs getting a raise but it should be directly linked by percentage, as MPP Peter Kormos says, to a raise for the poorest people in the province — people on welfare, disability benefits and those working for the minimum wage.

A 25 per cent increase for MPPs should also mean a 25 per cent increase to all the people I mentioned above.

Welfare and Disability recipients have lived with hardly a raise (not even a cost of living increase) since their benefits were cut 21 per cent by Mike Harris’ Progressive Conservatives way back in 1995/'96.

What a Christmas gift a 25 per cent raise for the poor would be — it might even make people vote for the government in next fall’s election.