Donald Trump hugs a U.S. flag as he takes the stage for a campaign town hall meeting Reuters

While $20 bills with Harriet Tubman’s face are just a thought in the United States, “Canada’s Rosa Parks” is the first woman to appear on a banknote.

Sofia Vergara, the actress who plays the older Ed O’Neil’s hot, younger wife on “Modern Family” is being sued… by her own embryos, Emma and Isabella.

Holiday hope: A widower lost his wedding band at a tree farm 15 years ago and “Miracle on 34th Street,” he got it back!

A 69-year-old shopper was forced to clean a Walgreens bathroom. Is that what killed him?


An NFL player’s home was broken into and vandalized with hate graffiti.

Ummm… polar vortex? The weather service can be wrong, right?

Former astronaut and legend John Glenn died at the age of 95.

Just by standing next to you, thieves can take your credit card info. Now, they’re getting your remoteless car entry just by hanging nearby.

And thecolor of the yearis…

Microsoft and LinkedIn announced thatMicrosoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn is complete.

Braziliansquatters offered members of the LGBT communityshelter from anti-LGBT violence.

AsTrump chooses a fast food execas his head of Labor, what will happen to the #Fightfor15?

Lola Kirke said we need to “wake the f--k up.”Oh, and she eats bread. We love that.

Russia said itlet up on Aleppo, butSyrians beg to differ.

Anew effigymade an appearance for an old tradition in Guatemala.

Sugary sodas. Extreme caffeine. Bacon in everything. Cheese, wonderful cheese. Could our all-American obsessions causelife expectancy to decline? Because it is.

Be still your beating hearts.It’s “Baywatch.”

Though he appears to be backing off of many of his business holdings, Donald Trumphasone baby he just can’t let go.




A Walter Isaacson biography, an Aaron Sorkin biopic and we even saw that one with Ashton Kutcher, but no. Not enough. The public demands more. More Steve! Behold,Steve Jobs… the opera.

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