A touch of style has been brought to the car dealership these days with the launch of the world’s first drive-in fitting room — which allows drivers to check out what they look like in their car before committing to the purchase.

Despite three out of four (72 per cent) of drivers saying they use their car as a status symbol — wanting other drivers to view it as a reflection of the owner’s personality and success — 95 per cent admit they have no idea what they actually look like behind the wheel.

To help car buyers make the right purchasing decision, Chevrolet has created a personal drive-in fitting room. The curtained-off room allows buyers to “try on” their prospective car purchase by driving it onto a central turntable placed in front of three giant mirrors. A remote-control handset allows drivers to rotate the turntable to get a 360-degree view of what they actually look like in their vehicle.

But don’t go rushing down to your nearest Chevy dealership just yet. The ‘fitting room’ is being test-driven at a dealership in London, England.

Susan Kalair of Chevrolet comments: “We’re excited to be the first car brand to introduce a drive-in fitting room. It’s such a simple idea but with 95 per cent of motorists saying they have no idea what they look like in their car, we think it could prove a drive-away hit.”

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