Conservative Rob Ford will take a hit. So will right-leaning Rocco Rossi. But the candidate with the most to lose should John Tory run for mayor is Sarah Thomson.

A chief campaign strategist on Thomson’s very small team is Tory’s son, John Tory Jr. And yesterday, the buzz was that another of Tory’s sons, George Tory, will be named Thomson’s new campaign manager.

Both, according to a source, told Thomson before signing on that they would leave should their father enter the race.

What began as a fringe candidacy in January, buttressed in part by Thomson’s gender in the white male political landscape, has evolved into a formidable run at city hall.


A poll released in June showed the plucky Women’s Post publisher running third, ahead of deputy mayor Joe Pantalone.

Thomson, who declined to comment on the campaign manager rumour, conceded if the senior Tory declared, it would cause challenges for her campaign. “It would be very difficult and that’s one of the reasons I don’t think he would run,” she said yesterday.